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About Prominent Video

Prominent Video is a producer and distributor of instructional video programs primarily used by companies for training applications.  Our tutorial programs are highly specialized and serve the needs of the telecommunications, satellite, and security industries.  Every program we produce contains an abundance of information that is viewable and usable over and over again. Every title also has review and test materials available.

As both a producer and distributor, Prominent Video’s programs are of the highest quality, most up-to-date, and visually informative training series available today.   Companies and specialty groups find our programs invaluable for the following reasons:

Compelling Visuals that Hold the Viewer’s Attention

Saves Time and Money

  • No Seminar Fees
  • No Travel Expenses
  • No Accommodation Costs
  • No Lost Labor Time
  • Repeatable and Retrainable Over & Over Again

Avoid unnecessary expenses when you train in-house with OUR instructional series. – No weeks lost going to seminars or time wasted retraining essential staff. Save your precious time for other tasks.  Let our comprehensive training series do your training for you.